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All bids are advertised in the following locations:

  • Daily Reporter
  • On this website
  • Anyone may obtain a hard copy of any bid package by coming to our office located on the 25th floor of 373 South High Street
Title Opening
2014-09-32 Franklin County - Eureka Park Sanitary Sewer Improvements ***REBID*** 08/22/2014 Marie Doklovic
2014-03-31 Franklin County Veterans Memorial Asbestos Hazard Abatement & Related Work 09/04/2014 Richard Myers
2014-52-35 Inmate Bedding and Linen 10/09/2014 Brad Kamlet
2014-03-34 Franklin County Veterans Memorial Demolition & Related Site Work 10/16/2014 Richard Myers
2014-06-36 Insurance Consultant 11/10/2014 Brad Kamlet
14-12 Child Welfare Medical Screens 11/19/2014 Leah Zuck
14-10 Consulting Services For Employee Performance Evaluation 11/19/2014 Linda Austin
14-11 Child Welfare Assessments 11/19/2014 Leah Zuck
Marilyn Brown President
Paula Brooks
John O'Grady