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Bid Opportunities

All bids are advertised in the following locations:

  • Daily Reporter
  • On this website
  • Anyone may obtain a hard copy of any bid package by coming to our office located on the 25th floor of 373 South High Street
Title Opening
2015-10-24 West Opportunity Center Lease & Relocation Services 07/06/2015 Sharon Tubbs
2015-09-27 Cherrydale Pump Station Replacement Project 08/27/2015 Marie Doklovic
2015-66-31 Electronic Health Records Systems (EHR) 09/08/2015 Jennifer Fair
2015-52-03 Complete Health Services and EMR System 09/09/2015 Jennifer Fair
2015-52-30 Kitchen Equipment 09/10/2015 Brad Kamlet
RFP 15-06 Child Behavioral Health Assessments 09/30/2015 Loni Grosswiler
RFP 15-07 Early Childhood Mental Health Services 09/30/2015 Loni Grosswiler
2015-48-29 Clerk of Courts Dealership Lease 10/01/2015 Brad Kamlet
Marilyn Brown President
Paula Brooks
John O'Grady