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Procurement Services

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Columbus, OH 43215

The purpose of the Procurement Services Program is to ensure that the Board of Commissioners approve all County agencies' expenditures prior to any purchase being made or services received thereby reducing the potential waste of tax payer dollars. This program also provides bid management services to Franklin county agencies so that they can obtain the goods and services they need in a timely, cost-effective manner. Another part of the procurement services is to provide assistance to small and emerging businesses on how to business with the county and to explain the procurement process.

One of the goals of the Board of Commissioners is to provide cooperative contracts to or to bid out contracts as shared services to other political subdivisions throughout the county and central Ohio region. To support that goal the Procurement Services awards as many of its contracts as cooperative contracts and seeks out other political subdivisions to cooperate on a single bid in order to pool the buying power of multiple jurisdictions in an effort to obtain the best possible pricing for all interested parties. As each cooperative contract is awarded it is posted to the county website for all political subdivisions to use.

This program provides efficient, responsive, and fiscally sustainable Government Operations and provides assurances to the citizens of the County that all competitive bids or proposals meet all of the requirements of the ORC and the Commissioners policies.

The services provided are:

  • Conversion of requisitions to purchase orders
  • Legal Advertisements
  • Bid Specifications Review
  • Pre-Bid Meetings, Bid Lists
  • Bid Lists
  • Vendor Registrations
  • Bid Tabulations
  • Bid Openings
  • Bid Inquiry Services
  • Assistance to Small and Emerging Businesses.

Small and emerging businesses

Kevin L. Boyce President
Marilyn Brown
John O'Grady