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Graphic Arts and Print Services

1700 Morse Road
Columbus, OH 43229

The purpose of Graphic Arts and Print Services Program is to provide custom design, forms, and printed material to Franklin County agencies, boards, and commissions, so that they can publish and disseminate information in a cost- effective manner.

All requested print and copy impressions are completed in the time requested and to the quality required. The Program provides efficient, responsive, and fiscally sustainable Government Operations. By processing the print and copy impressions in the print shop supported agencies will be able to save money, over outsourcing the work, as the printing is processed at a reduced rate and emergency print jobs are processed without the additional costs for expedited printing. The Print Shop keeps digital copies and plates of most print jobs which can be used if additional prints are required and can be re-printed at a significant savings.

These services are produced on high-volume reproduction machines or printing presses and finished to customer specifications. The Services provided are (but not all inclusive):

  • Card Print Jobs
  • Pamphlet Print Jobs
  • Manual Print Jobs
  • Note Pad Print Jobs
  • Business Card Print Jobs
  • Printed Material Deliveries
  • Form Print Jobs
  • Booklet Print Jobs
  • Letterhead Print Jobs
  • Envelope Print Jobs
  • Graphic Design Jobs
Kevin L. Boyce President
Marilyn Brown
John O'Grady